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Application for Admission for Finance 5880
2018-2019 Academic Year

In Finance 5880, students will invest in and manage an actual portfolio consisting of exchange-listed stocks, bonds, and money market investments. The course will focus both on security analysis and on portfolio management. The class will involve both individual and group research projects, lectures on various analytical techniques, speakers from industry, and presentations before leading finance practitioners. Assignments will involve applying techniques to value securities, and developing and presenting reports and recommendations for purchases and sales to the class.

If you are interested, please complete the information below.


Student Number____________________________________________

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Please attach a brief (about one page) statement about yourself that would be helpful to me in determining how you would fit into the class, your resume, and a copy of your Degree Audit. You could include information about your interests, extra curricular activities, academic honors, or work experience. I don't intend to eliminate anyone on the basis of a lack of investment experience; hopefully the class will address that.

Please sign and date the application below indicating that you understand the structure of the course. If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at elizabeth.tashjian@eccles.utah.edu

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